Building customer relationships remains the driving force behind B2B sales. What’s changed is that buyers are more educated and have greater expectations than ever before, so a new generation of tools has emerged to support this shifting B2B sales landscape.


B2B Relationship Selling in the Virtual Age


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Understand the key trends shaping the B2B sales landscape today

Over the past decade, B2B buyers have had ever expanding access to a wealth of information and resources online. Salespeople may once have been the primary source of information on the products and offerings they sell, but their influence in educating customers has long been on the wane.”

Learn about key sales tech capabilities that have emerged to support the new selling environment

Demystify artificial intelligence and machine learning and learn how it’s being applied to support sales

Evaluate and invest in sales technology to support revenue growth

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The most valuable role B2B salespeople play is in building long-term relationships with customers based on understanding their needs, navigating available options, and acting as trusted advisors to help customers meet their objectives.”

Seller enablement tools fundamentally differ from most CRM systems for one simple reason: They are designed for sellers and the way they actually get work done.

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