Grow Revenue, Relationships, and Retention

What is Revenue Acceleration?

To understand this new idea of Revenue Acceleration, you don’t have to look any farther than its name. Revenue Acceleration provides unprecedented levels of productivity and performance that drive more revenue, faster. Make confident decisions based on solid data analysis, rather than relying on gut feeling. Eliminate bias, act only upon what is true.




One of the hardest lessons we learn as children is that nothing comes easily—anything that matters, you have to work for it. Try to remember the first time you tried to throw a ball or sat down with a musical instrument. The frustration. The impatience. It’s normal to want to skip to the end where you’re an expert, but that doesn’t come without effort and experience.

It’s the same with business. We’d all like to skip to the end where we’re successful and raking in the cash, but that’s not going to happen until we put in the time and make the effort.

There are, however, ways to speed up that path to the end.


The endgame we’re talking about is Revenue Acceleration: the stage in a business where every part of your sales operations team—every department, every colleague, every process—works together in a strategic and synchronized way to achieve maximum results. Maximum productivity. Maximum performance. When you achieve Revenue Acceleration, you’re able to consistently and deliberately grow your revenue, relationships, and retention.

Just like becoming a star ballplayer or concert musician, it doesn’t happen overnight. And like any adventure, it’s easier when you have someone to guide you through your Revenue Acceleration journey.

You often hear people saying “it’s all about who you know.” And while this is true, it only tells part of the story. It’s about using those relationships to provide actionable intelligence that drives your revenue-driving activities. 

A foundation of clean data showing who you know enables the AI to work its magic. 

The Journey

To understand Revenue Acceleration, it's important to see how the steps along its journey build upon one another. Like climbing a mountain, each step takes you higher and higher towards the summit; you can’t just skip to the top, you need to make that arduous ascent one step at a time.

It starts with data integrity. Revenue Acceleration platforms automate the collection and
cleansing of data, creating a centralized foundation of trustworthy information for the entire organization. This data automation doesn’t just enable the next steps along the journey, but it also frees up a shocking amount of precious worker time—up to 8 hours per week! No longer do salespeople have to spend a full day each week on mundane data management, AI handles all that automatically. This means they have more time to take advantage of what happens next, where the automatic becomes automagic

Using that foundation of a clean, trustworthy CRM, Revenue Acceleration platforms use AI to make revenue professionals more effective by analyzing enormous, previously disparate troves of data. It goes beyond what’s inside the CRM to scour outside sources that provide greater context and expose hidden nuggets of information.

Armed with a full array of accurate customer data, the machine learning algorithms then analyze it to derive 
valuable insights. Finally, the system automatically distributes these actionable distilled suggestions, providing real ways to implement them that will give you the optimal chance of creating that miraculous boost in productivity and performance.


The transformative concept of Revenue Acceleration may be new, but its goals are as old as business itself: to supercharge the performance and productivity of revenue teams in order to—you got it— grow revenue, relationships, and retention. Nothing particularly novel there. What is new is the innovative way Revenue Acceleration accomplishes these goals: through the increased efficiency and effectiveness made possible by artificial intelligence (AI).

AI technology has exploded opportunities across many fields, its machine learning algorithms making it possible to do complex things in a flash that would have otherwise have been unthinkable. In particular,
AI shines when there is a large quantity of information to process. This is what drives Revenue Acceleration.

The fourth and final step along the Revenue Acceleration journey is perhaps the most exciting because it is fresh and potent: guiding your team to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

This is where AI can bring extra unexpected value to revenue operations teams. In the past, leadership had to rely entirely on their own instincts or their own narrow interpretations of questionable data.


With AI-driven guidance, you don’t have to worry about making the wrong move or letting something slip through the cracks. It can slice through the noise and guide you down the right path.

The AI’s analysis of your historical operations pinpoints the current activities and opportunities that have the best chance of success, and you receive automatic alerts with these recommendations. A good AI algorithm can even predict the likelihood of success, given the data collected and analyzed in your CRM. This happens individually and across teams, which also makes coaching at scale for today’s remote revenue teams a piece of cake.


Every team has superstars who outperform revenue targets as if by magic. But it’s not magic, they’re just really good at what they do.

Now imagine if you could clone those rainmakers and spin-off a whole team of them. That is effectively what happens when an AI guides your coaching. You can identify the activities and behaviors that set high performers apart, then use your Revenue Acceleration platform’s tools to coach everyone up to the same level of optimized performance and full potential.

Successful organizations understand that the sales department does not own this responsibility alone, but rather it is the outcome of a company-wide focus. Revenue Acceleration kicks in when marketing, IT, administration, customer success, and sales teams are all aligned and working towards the same goal.

This is the beating heart of Revenue Acceleration. Transform the basic data of who you know and create a thorough understanding of the state of these relationships. This unlocks powerful insights and creates the environment necessary to grow revenue, relationships, and retention in ways you never imagined possible.  

Modern businesses run on two things: relationships and information. It’s no wonder that customer relationship management tools (CRM) are a staple in most companies, hosting vast amounts of data about a company’s clients and prospects. But collecting all this data is onerous and time-consuming, not to mention dreadfully boring.

Keeping your data accurate and fresh is even harder. Salesforce estimates that
91% of CRM data is incomplete and decays at a rate of 70% per year, so even once you get accurate information in your CRM it’s a constant struggle to keep it that way.

Revenue Acceleration is impossible without an ongoing basis of accurate CRM information. That’s why the journey begins with data integrity and continues along a path of clear, logical steps.

Now, Revenue Acceleration can be achieved by leaning on AI to process a company’s historical data, identify patterns of success and optimal routes, and suggest the actions that should be taken to course correct in order to increase the winnability of opportunities.

At any given time, the average organization juggles a lot of opportunities and struggles to know where to focus its valuable time and attention. We all know that activities drive results, but what we need to know is which activities garner the best results, and which opportunities they should be directed to.



What could you do with a whole extra day each week?

This extra day is one of the happy outcomes of the first step along the Revenue Acceleration journey:
automate mundane tasks.

It’s crazy to ask busy revenue professionals to spend 6 hours of precious time each week entering data into a CRM, but that’s how most companies update their information. 


When you automate the mundane and take data entry off your plate, you bring time back into your day. Your professionals can concentrate on what they do best, and they can do it better because they have access to a reliable database of customer information.

But it goes deeper than that. Time savings aren’t the only thing you get from data automation because it doesn’t just input data without you having to do a single thing, it does a far better job of collecting the data it enters. In the blink of an eye, AI can scour your email, your calendar, LinkedIn, industry news, and dozens of other sources to create a full dossier on your customer.


Not only is the data input into your CRM more accurate, it’s also far more comprehensive than anything you could generate manually. On average, this means capturing 5-10 times more contacts in CRM through automation. That’s 5-10 times more opportunities to grow revenue, all without having to lift a finger.

No more crossed wires. No more missed opportunities, broken reporting or dodgy analytics. With access to every contact and interaction, every department—sales ops, marketing, customer success and the rest of the organization—has a complete, retroactive record to base their decisions and processes upon.

Everybody wins.

The plain truth is that nobody likes doing it, so they will often either find excuses not to do it—so their customer data is never captured—or else they’ll do it, but do a poor job of it so the data captured is incomplete or full of errors.

Not only are these people wasting their time, they’re polluting the data. Nobody wins.

Automating data entry creates a foundation to build upon, but that foundation is susceptible to daily erosion by the rapid pace of change. People switch jobs, companies merge, strategies shift. All that gorgeous pristine data your AI-driven platform filled your CRM with will be useless junk if you don’t keep it up-to-date.


The next step on the Revenue Acceleration journey is to use that spiffy AI to maintain the integrity of your database. Because it’s AI, this can happen automatically and in real-time. Your data will update the moment anything changes, again without any effort on your part.

Imagine no more manual data cleanup. No more batch updates, armies of data stewards, or waiting for bouncebacks. It’s never been easier to enrich and enhance your contacts and accounts with clean, compliant data—in real-time, no less. It’s the best of all worlds, quality and quantity can be yours with zero effort and zero delay.


Clean data really is the gift that keeps on giving. Sales can prospect more efficiently, using a greater depth of accurate information to personalize outreach. Marketing can increase the effectiveness of campaigns, using access to a rich, complete, and accurate database to improve segmentation and performance. And best of all, it sets the stage for the truly revolutionary aspects of Revenue Acceleration that come with the next steps.

If there’s one thing worse than manually entering data into a CRM, it’s combing through that data later to keep it accurate. But data quality management doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

What you need is a cleanse.

Salesforce estimates that 91% of CRM data is incomplete and decays at a rate of 70% per year.


Coaching an entire team is challenging even at the best of times. Throw in a workforce all working remotely, and a difficult task can become monumentally hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Another benefit of Revenue Acceleration is not only to analyze your entire organization's historical success to recommend the behaviors that get results, but also the ones that don’t. The result is a sales force where every revenue professional is equipped with the guidance they need to navigate and execute with ease.

You shouldn't have to send a company-wide email to find out if someone in your organization has a relationship with a particular company or contact. A company with Revenue Acceleration doesn’t have to. The complete relationship map with accompanying relationship intelligence found on the third step of the journey reveals deep insights into the data in your CRM, including the all-important who knows who?


When every individual in the organization has every contact he or she has automatically put into the system and automagically kept up-to-date, you’re able to get a bird’s eye view of every connection everyone shares. That’s the kind of visibility we’re talking about. 


Another amazing feature that the designers of your CRM probably never considered is the automated pre-meeting digest. Using your calendar, the AI knows who you’re meeting with and when. It can prepare a detailed digest of the opportunity, highlighting all the information you need to prepare for the meeting. Best of all, it can send this to your email automatically.

Professionals spend hours collating this kind of information by hand. With an automatic pre-meeting digest, that’s another whole day of time freed up to be out there closing deals.

Creating visibility within your network that cuts through the noise and exposes pathways into new opportunities is essential for Revenue Acceleration. Pinpointing easy wins, opening paths of least resistance, and keeping track of where your champions are in other organizations help manage risk and find new revenue.

Suddenly every lead becomes a hot one when you can always find someone to give you that warm introduction you need. And scaling your sales force is a piece of cake when you can put new reps on the fast track to success with a shared corporate Rolodex.


Follow-through isn’t just for golfers, it’s important for everyone. It’s shocking how many potential deals are left on the table simply because people don’t follow up.

Once again, AI makes this nearly effortless with an automatic post-meeting digest. Where the pre-meeting email prepares you with everything you need to run a successful meeting, the post-meeting version helps you retain all the takeaways inside your CRM, along with an action plan for you to follow. All this happens through email, meaning there are no additions to your tech stack, no new logins, no new workflows.

Being professional has never been so easy.


Relationships don’t happen overnight. You have to find the right people, learn about them, establish trust and a rapport, and stake your claim as their trusted advisor. This takes time and effort. A lot of time, and a lot of effort.

These barriers to executing deals can be greatly reduced with the relationship and customer intelligence revealed by an AI-enhanced database that is comprehensive and accurate. The alignment, visibility, and cross-departmental collaboration it brings are only possible through the data integrity maintained by automation.

But these aren’t the only insights gained through CRM automation that propel you along the path to Revenue Acceleration. With the right AI algorithms, you can vastly increase the performance and productivity of your team in other ways.

The Journey’s End

Once your organization has mastered all four steps—automate, cleanse, reveal, and guide—you have achieved Revenue Acceleration. It’s not enough to simply implement the technology, the digital transformation required to have Revenue Acceleration also requires a commitment to a significant cultural change.

Fortunately, the change required does not increase anyone’s workload. In fact, the automation part eliminates a lot of the work nobody enjoys. Plus, the technology involved works in the background, invisible to the team using it. It simply works, automatically delivering valuable insights and recommendations with no effort required.

Make no mistake, this journey is transformative in many ways. No aspect of how your organization functions, from process to prioritization, remains unaffected. The way you work, and especially the way you work together, must change. And as we all know, change is never easy.

But it is worth it.

When you complete the journey you are rewarded with steady, predictable growth in what we call the 3 Rs: revenue, relationship, and retention.

Grow Revenue

As the name implies, a key goal of Revenue Acceleration is to grow revenue. This is achieved in many ways because all the various steps and facets of Revenue Acceleration contribute to incremental increases in revenue potential.

Less time on mundane tasks means more time for the team to be closing deals

Trustworthy data brings greater confidence in meetings, which leads to more sales

Exposing thousands of new opportunities with high chances of success within your existing data boosts new sales opportunities

Marketing initiatives guided by clean data and relationship intelligence generate more leads that are more likely to convert

When every lead is a warm introduction, less time is spent forging relationships which vastly improves deal velocity

Leadership is better equipped to plan initiatives designed to generate business opportunities with greater certainty of success

Greater customer service helps create upsell and cross-sell opportunities

A quantifiable reduction in risk due to enlightened decision making based on solid data

Cooperation between individuals and departments produces efficiencies that reduce costs and increase profits

A whole team coached toward high performance sells more, faster

An objective understanding of relationship health leads to greater client satisfaction and retention

When your whole team works together like the proverbial well-oiled machine fueled by Revenue Acceleration, there’s no way your revenue won’t grow.


If yesterday someone told you it was possible to examine all of the experiences and actions that positively and negatively impacted your company's historical won and lost opportunities, then deliver you a detailed plan for how your entire sales operations team can work together to succeed today and in the future, would you have believed them?

Do you believe it now?

It might not be possible for a person to accomplish, but for people augmented by today’s AI technology, it is possible to identify and surface these insights at scale across your organization and achieve Revenue Acceleration.

There’s no question that this is pretty revolutionary stuff, and Introhive is proud to be shaping and defining the concept and practice of Revenue Acceleration. 

Since 2012, Introhive has been developing the components that define a Revenue Acceleration platform before it was actually called that. From how we automate CRM data entry to how we run it through our enrichment and machine learning models, Introhive is unique because we can deliver an all-in-one, end-to-end Revenue Acceleration solution.

Trust us to be your guide along the Revenue Acceleration journey, and beyond. For although we might not know what the future holds, we remain committed to being at the vanguard of whatever comes next.

Free your team from mundane tasks. From time savings on mundane data entry to boosting the speed at which you can make high quality decisions, Revenue Acceleration is a force multiplier for your organization.

Create organization-wide alignment around the actions taking place across contacts, opportunities, and accounts that are leading to success. Map and measure relationships to shed light on the opportunities that are likely to cross the line, as well as those that are going to take extra effort.

Unearth what makes top performers perform and equip everyone with the insights required to operate at their optimum level. Implement team-wide AI-guided selling that improves performance across the board by delivering insights into the best actions to take next when and where they’re needed the most.

Maintain the integrity of your data in real-time to ensure the solid foundation upon which all other aspects of Revenue Acceleration rely.







Grow Relationships

It’s clear that relationships form the core of Revenue Acceleration. It all begins with knowing who you know, which unlocks the AI-driven insights that add context and value to this information and enable you to align your team’s efforts towards maximum productivity and performance.

Where this gets really exciting is how it creates a cycle of relationship growth, which in turn fuels even more Revenue Acceleration. Every relationship points towards another, forming an ever-expanding network of opportunities. With Revenue Acceleration, you’re able to not only expose these hidden opportunities but also to capitalize on them in the most efficient and effective way thanks to AI guidance.

The reveal stage of the journey is the one that really unlocks the relationship potential by drawing a complete relationship map of every contact within your organization. But it’s the final step where your team is guided toward the best ways to approach, nurture, and solidify these relationships.

It’s not just new relationships that benefit from growth through Revenue Acceleration, because the guidance you receive helps strengthen existing connections as well. You’re able to see at a glance the status of your relationships, including visualizations of your contact history that make it clear when it’s time to make contact again.

The pre- and post-meeting digests you automatically receive also feed into growing relationships. The better you’re prepared for meetings, the more professional you are, which can only help strengthen the relationship you’re growing. Similarly, immediate and effortless follow-up helps ensure that all notes are captured and documented for easy reference and retrieval.

The sum of all these benefits is greater than each part as they all contribute incrementally towards more relationships, stronger relationships, and lasting relationships.

Grow Retention

There’s nothing worse than spending all the time and effort to land a customer, only to have them turn around and switch to someone else. But rest assured, there are ways to keep customers from looking over the fence for greener pastures.

People often overlook retention as they focus on always bringing in new leads and courting new customers. But loyalty is important; loyalty is revenue.

When you lose a customer, you lose more than the income they pay you directly. You lose potential referrals, upsells, and other opportunities to increase that revenue. Plus, in a competitive landscape, if they aren’t doing business with you then they’re giving their money to a competitor. It’s almost like you’re losing twice as much as you were bringing in before you lost the account.

The key to loyalty is value. Deliver more, deliver often, and exceed expectations at every turn. That’s how you grow retention. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

With account intelligence gleaned from a fully operational and optimally tricked-out CRM, new opportunities to cross-sell and upsell present themselves—just because you’ve sold them once doesn’t mean there isn’t room to keep selling them more.

The ROI for selling more to an existing account is exponentially greater than that of landing a brand new customer. In addition, just a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25 and 95%.

A high-touch customer experience is a cornerstone of Revenue Acceleration. You can offer this because you know exactly when and how a customer had their last interaction with you or a teammate, enabling you to know exactly what to do to keep them happy and when to do it. Such proactive management of lonely accounts before they have a chance to become at-risk can almost eliminate churn and gives you retention numbers you’ve never dreamed possible.

Enhance the chance of success and the speed of getting there with the instant identification of the right people to engage with

Make each meeting count more with insightful pre-meeting information that helps break the ice and create fruitful conversations

Execute faster

Measure traction and reduce risk through full visibility into interactions happening across every opportunity

Let’s get started