Businesses are trusted far less than they think they are.

 PwC’s latest report on trust contained two critical findings.

  • Business leaders believed their customers trusted them far more than is actually the case (by a massive 57 percentage points)
  • Business leaders believed their employees highly trusted their company far more than is actually the case (by a narrower 15 percentage points)

This self-delusion by leaders of businesses is the Trust Gap. Whether you believe such surveys are accurate in the detail, the overall message could not be clearer.

In good times this matters less. Scarcity means customers have to buy from what’s available. As times get tougher, customers will make more active choices, and the choice they make will depend on whom they trust.

Employees may have less choice but the best will make active decisions.

Will your customers and employees choose your company? And if not, what can be done?

That’s the discussion we’ll be having at our latest invitation-only dinner at the RAC.

 Please note this event will be rescheduled to late October, will no longer take place on Thursday September 7th.

Postponed to October 2022, 
Date to be announce. 

The Royal Automobile Club
89 Pall Mall, London

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Dinner & Discussion: Time to Tackle the Trust Gap?

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5:00 - 5:30 pm
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Joint Managing Director
Mutual Value

Kevin Vaughan-Smith 

VP of Sales - EMEA

Andi Soric

Stuart Maister

Joint Managing Director
Mutual Value